The First 4 Days

First 4 Days of Facebook

First 4 Days of Facebook

The Vote Tuff campaign filed the paperwork on Monday, April 27th and our website and Facebook page launched shortly thereafter. Then the calls began.


The page reached over 2,400 people, captured 104 “Likes,” and engaged 294 people, captured 120 likes to posts, generated 37 comments and was shared by 14 people.

We had 704 click through, and that was including having Facebook shut down access from Facebook, to the website.

There were literally over 1,000 likes, comments, etc on my personal page as well.

All of this traffic was obtained organically through other people. Now that’s encouraging.


Website 4312015The website generated 80 sessions from 65 users and had 252 Pageviews.

The majority of the website traffic was generated from Social Media. Next, people went directly to the site, followed by referral traffic and 1 Organic Search.

Campaign Contributions

We hadn’t asked for any contributions while we finalized the web work and campaign platform, however we generated $1,500 in the first 4 days.

This is a great start, but nothing happens in a vacuum – thank you to everyone who assisted. The support feels great!




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