Letter to the editor – Sandra Lee Buxton

Sandra-Buxton-LetterThank you Sandra Lee Buxton for her support in the Tuesday, July 12th edition of the Naples Daily News

Sandra Lee Buxton, Naples

True gentleman

You can judge a gentleman’s character by how he lives his private life, how he treats his family, and his commitment to his community.

Russell Tu ff is indeed a gentleman whose character will stand a test by fire. His commitment to the betterment of his community is not a new concept for him; in fact, it spans nearly three decades.

His services to others will be understated by him, but well-known and acknowledged by the recipients of his services. The acolytes will come from those he works with, the boards he serves on, the children he teaches, the civic and chamber associations where he serves as president. While it is true that he has several degrees, and therefore is well-educated, that is not actually what has prepared him to serve as county commissioner.

The preparation stems from knowing his community, listening to concerns and problem-solving with his neighbors. The neighborhood of District 3 is his neighborhood, where he is fully invested in results. Currently as president of the Golden Gate Chamber of Commerce and Golden Gate Area Civic Association, he has a perspective that is valuable to his constituents. As a member of the Collier County Planning Commission, Naples-area tourism board and Collier County Economic Advisory Council, he is accustomed to building consensus with a proactive approach.

I fully support Russell Tu ff’s candidacy for County Commission District 3, as his contribution as an elected official will continue to keep Collier County strong.

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