Letter to the editor – CeCe Zenti

Thank you to new full-time Golden Gate resident CeCe Zenti for her letter of support in today’s (July 13) Naples Daily News!

Tuff for commission

Recently, my husband and I became permanent residents of Collier County after owning and vacationing here for 15 years.

He and I have appreciated the progress we have witnessed over the years in Golden Gate. These changes over the years didn’t just happen; rather, it has taken dedication from the citizenry and civic leaders like Russell Tuff.

He along with many of our neighbors have dedicated their time, energy and ideas to make Golden Gate a family-friendly place to live, work and shop.

As I changed my driver’s license from Iowa to Florida, I was told to be able to vote in the Florida primary on Aug. 30, I could not remain as an independent, rather I would need to register a party affiliation. I registered as a Republican because I want to vote for Tuff.

There is still time to register to vote and/or declare a party affiliation before this primary.

Join me and support Russell Tuff for District 3 Collier County commissioner. This is our opportunity for us to choose who will be making critical decisions for our Golden Gate community.

Ce Ce Zenti, Naples