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Dear Editor

Thank you Dave Weston for his support in the Tuesday, July 12th edition of the Naples Daily News

We need to elect more people to office who want to do something worthwhile to benefit the community they wish to represent and not just to be someone more important to satisfy their personal goals and objectives. There are far too many professional politicians and too few statesmen.

Russell Tuff is the epitome of a citizen, local business operator and family person who cares enough about his friends and neighbors to offer himself and his family up to public scrutiny with the objective to serve and do something positive and aspirational for our community.

Tuff’s decades of civic service are testimony to his quiet and consistent engagement to do something rather than to be someone.

This election cycle, we have many good people running for office in Collier County. I think that is an indication of a healthy and constructive political landscape. I am grateful to all the men and women who offer us their time, talent and passion to represent us.

I think Tuff stands out in this election as that special person with the right balance between passion and patience to serve us admirably as the Collier County commissioner for District 3 and encourage you to get to know him and cast your vote for Russell Tuff.

Dave Weston, Naples

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