Letter to the Editor – Jim Burke

Burke letterLetters to the Editor
In good hands
The residents of Collier County Commission
District 3 have been well-served
by Commissioner Tom Henning during his
16 years of service. He listened to his residents
and responded to their concerns and
District 3 was the better for his dedication
and service.
That is why it is of extreme importance
that Henning’s successor as District 3 commissioner
be equally committed to the
district, its residents, their needs and concerns
— an individual with a record of
service to and involvement with the Golden
Gate community. That individual is Russell
Tuff has lived in the Golden Gate community
for more than 25 years and has
been deeply involved with efforts to enhance
the community.
Tuff has served as president of the Golden
Gate Area Civic Association as well as
the Golden Gate Chamber of Commerce.
He is a founding member of the Golden
Gate Visitors Center and has served on the
Golden Gate master plan committee. In
addition, he has served on the Collier County
Planning Commission.
Russell Tuff is committed to the betterment
of Collier County District 3. His deep
involvement within his community as well
as Collier County qualifies him as the candidate
best able to succeed Henning.
Jim Burke, Naples

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