Letter to the Editor – Ed Frick

Stands the test

Politically, one of our big problems is the politician who tells too many of us what we want to hear, which means that politician usually gets the vote. We unequivocally need to spend more time evaluating a politician’s qualifications for office, as opposed to listening to campaign promises.

Lamentably, too many times, the office of dog catcher gets more attention to his/ her application for employment as opposed to many public office candidates.

Refreshingly, a background consisting of decades of public service are synonymous with the name “Russell Tuff.” He is running for County Commission District 3 on the Republican ticket.

Haven’t we had enough of the laudatory commentary as to a candidate’s church activities, or pictures of the candidate’s family seated on a fieldstone hearth with the family dog, all wearing flashing smiles that provide an orthodontist’s dream come true?

Again, I speak of Russell Tuff, who’s running for commissioner on the Aug. 30 ballot.

Ed Frick, Naples

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