Letter to the Editor – Janet Vasey

Best of three

I have seen Russell Tuff in action many times during the 25 years I’ve lived in Collier County. Every time, it was a positive experience, with Tuff demonstrating honesty, integrity and common sense.

He brings county experience (Planning Commission, tourism board, Economic Advisory Council), civic involvement (Golden Gate Civic Association, Chamber of Commerce, school, church), and leadership to the job of District 3 Collier County commissioner.

I have also encountered the other two Republican candidates for District 3 county commissioner.

Ron Kezeske was appointed by county commissioners to serve on the Public Safety Authority (PSA). He attended only one meeting, on April 8, 2015, and then resigned. However, in a variety of debate forums, Kezeske has expounded on the things that he did while on the PSA, the issues he identified and challenged. As a member of the PSA, I can attest that Kezeske said very little during his one PSA meeting.

Burt Saunders, while serving as a Florida senator, authored legislation that would have provided substantial financial benefit to his paying client, Lee Memorial Hospital. In a Daily News article, members of our state legislative delegation said that this situation made them very uncomfortable. I filed an ethics complaint against Saunders regarding this apparent conflict of interest, but no action was taken.

Tuff is an honest, upstanding member of the community, who has spent 25 years accumulating the knowledge and experience to be an outstanding commissioner.

Vote for Russell Tuff for District 3 Collier County commissioner.

Janet Vasey, Naples

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