Letter to the Editor – Lance and Sharon Julian

Honorable man

Russell Tuff is one of the most honorable, honest and hardworking people we know.

We have known him for eight years. Shortly after we moved to Naples, it was quickly pointed out to us that his work history in news publishing was founded on consistent hard work throughout his 26 years of business experience.

Our interaction with him over the years has shown us that he is a man of great integrity. This stems from his family life through to his community. For this reason, we believe that he is well-qualified for Collier County commissioner, District 3.

His desire for the much-needed preservation and enhancement of Collier County natural resources is another reason we believe he is the man for the job.

His service record to Collier County has been well-documented, but just as important is his respect for, and ability to listen to, the varied opinions and many issues affecting his district and the people of Collier County. His ability to speak his opinion while respecting another, and still get the job done, are elements of a person’s integrity. That is Russell Tuff. That is why we need people like him for the Collier County Commission.

Lance and Sharon Julian, Naples

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