Letter to the editor – Bill Confoy

Best choice

This year’s election will see major changes in the makeup of the Collier County Commission.

The August primary will be a deciding factor in many of the posts. With all the growth coming to our county, plus a major review of our master growth plan scheduled for 2017, it’s important to choose a candidate already intimately y involved in county affairs.

Russell Tuff is that person. He has proven his leadership in working with local citizens in civic and business groups as president of both the Golden Gate Chamber of Commerce and Civic Association. He has set up citizen work forces to successfully deal with community problems, such as the landfill and drug houses (to name a few), while at the same time working to enhance business opportunities. He also was a part of the original master growth plan and is well-equipped to review its role today as it affects our future.

One of his opponents is a lawyer just getting started here and while he seems a nice young man, he has no experience within the community he would serve.

His other opponent has the experience all right, but is an active partner in a leading Florida lobbying firm. We all know what lobbyists do and where their loyalties lie — with clients.

I n my 35 years in Naples, I have worked closely with our county commissioners on many issues. It is a demanding position requiring clear thinking, dedication and knowledge of our past as it leads us into the future.

If you want a commissioner who meets those criteria and represents us in all our districts, then I suggest Russell Tuff is your best choice f or District 3.

Bill Confoy, Naples

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