Tuff Campaign Celebration - Aug. 30

Everyone is invited to attend the Vote Tuff Campaign Celebration…

New Full Page Ad for Collier Citizen

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Naples Daily News endorses Tuff

August 20, 2016 Russell Tuff earns our endorsement for the…

Naples Daily News Candidate Forum

Watch the district 3 Collier County Commissioner candidates for…

Letter to the editor - Bill Confoy

Best choice This year’s election will see major changes…

Letter to the Editor - Lance and Sharon Julian

Honorable man Russell Tuff is one of the most honorable, honest…

Letter to the Editor - Brenda Hawkins

To count on As a former employee and longtime associate of…

Letter to the Editor - Ed Frick

Stands the test Politically, one of our big problems is the…

Letter to the Editor - Janet Vasey

Best of three I have seen Russell Tuff in action many times…

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Second Post Card Vote Tuff Campaign

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First Vote Tuff Post Card

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Letter to the Editor - Tuff's integrity

Thank you to Heritage Bay resident David Finch for this letter…

Letter to the Editor - Jim Burke

Letters to the Editor In good hands The residents of Collier…

Letter to the editor - Patricia Spencer

Thank you to Pat Spencer for her letter of support in the July…

Letter to the editor - Dave Weston

Worthwhile contributor Dear Editor Thank you Dave Weston…

Letter to the editor - Ron Jefferson

Lot of money Thank you Ron Jefferson for his support in the…

Letter to the editor - CeCe Zenti

... As I changed my driver’s license from Iowa to Florida, I was told to be able to vote in the Florida primary on Aug. 30, I could not remain as an independent, rather I would need to register a party affiliation. I registered as a Republican because I want to vote for Tuff.

Letter to the editor - Sandra Lee Buxton

Thank you Sandra Lee Buxton for her support in the Tuesday, July…

Tuff wins straw ballot at Golden Gate Candidate Forum

It was a great night for the VoteTuff campaign as Russell won the Golden Gate Candidate Forum straw ballot vote conducted by the Collier County Supervisor of Elections. A sincere thanks to everyone who took the time to come on out and vote Tuff! Voting results are below.

Letter to the editor - Dusty Holmes

Thank you to Dusty Holmes for her support in the Sunday, July…